CBD Massage

Massage using CBD infused oil

I’ve always believed in the healing powers and sustainability of cannabis.

Its uses are extensive, from powerful plant medicine to fuel, paper and clothing. Growing cannabis/hemp reconditions the soil and offers an eco-friendly solution to many of the problems we face in society today. With the growing interest in CBD oil I’ve decided to incorporate CBD massage oils and balms into my practice.

This can be beneficial to those who are currently taking CBD products (oral/sublingual, via inhalation or topically) and to those who don’t wish to take CBD oil internally. It can also be a good place to start if you are undecided about CBD and would just like to try it out without buying a whole pot of oil or balm.

There is currently very little research into CBD and medicinal cannabis, however more and more people are turning to supplementing their diet with CBD oil. As I write this (Nov 2018) the UK has just seen the introduction of cannabis based medication into mainstream medicine. While this means very little to the majority, it is a breakthrough for a few patients that desperately need the relief that these cannabis based medications can bring.

While we wait for more research and for UK laws to change, the rest of us can make use of some of the many CBD products available. My CBD massages use oil that has been infused with CBD.

Plant medicines that have been infused in oil are often more gentle and can be excellent for using as a massage medium.

What is CBD massage?

CBD massage is massage using an oil infused with CBD (medicinal cannabis). By focusing on areas of the body that are aching, painful or tense, CBD massage can potentially be a great way to soothe the body.


Is it legal?

Yes. The CBD oils and salves that I use are legally purchased in the UK direct from the companies that make it. 


Will I get high?

No. CBD oil contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive element of THC and will not ‘get you high’ or show up on a drug test.

Is it safe? What if I already take CBD oil or prescription medications?

In general terms CBD massage is very safe. Overdosing on CBD is not believed to be possible. Applying CBD topically means the CBD penetrates into the areas that really need it. CBD applied to the skin does not enter the bloodstream and therefore is not processed by the liver. You can safely have a CBD massage if you are already taking CBD oil. It is highly unlikely that CBD massage will interact with any medications you are currently taking, however, if you have any concerns, please get your doctor’s advice before booking in for one.

While CBD oil is generally regarded as safe to take orally, it is worth noting that it CAN interact with some prescription medication. In my research for this page I came across a rather helpful website that lists some of the medications that CBD can possibly interact with. The main cause for concern is the interaction that goes on in the liver and how the liver processes that medication. As massage means CBD oil penetration is localised, it is unlikely that this will cause any problems.

You can read more about prescription medications, the liver and CBD HERE.  Please remember that these contraindications are referring to oral administration.

If you are concerned about any medication you may be taking, please check with your doctor before having a treatment.

How does it work?

I can’t actually tell you that as there just isn’t enough research. What we DO know is that the body has its own endocannabinoid system (endogenous means naturally occuring) and cannabinoid receptors are found all over the body. Cannabinoids (CBD) are neurotransmitters.

Each receptor has different tasks, but the one thing they all do is promote homeostasis within the body. Homeostasis means to maintain a stable internal environment regardless of what’s going on in the external environment.

Every human and animal has this system and it is said to be the most important system involved in establishing and maintaining health. CBD receptors are found in the skin (along with almost every other part of the body too!) and can be stimulated or activated by the topical use of CBD massage oil. Direct application to the affected area can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and relax the body. A massage helps to achieve better skin penetration which may allow more of the active cannabinoids to reach the receptors.

It is thought that using CBD wakes up and strengthens our own endocannabinoid system. This is why it can be attributed (anecdotally) to those incredible stories we hear of tumors disappearing, inhibition of cancer growth and recovery or support from chronic illness and pain.

The table above can be found on page 18 of the The World Health Organisation’s 2017 report on CBD. If you’d like to read the full report please click HERE.

Please note that most of the research has been performed on animals. Human trials have been extremely limited due to the restrictions placed on cannabis.

To read more about the endocannabinoid system, please go HERE.

“There were never so many able, active minds at work on the problems of disease as now, and all their discoveries are tending toward the simple truth that you can’t improve on nature.”

Thomas Edison


CBD Massage


£50 per hour - Massage using CBD infused oil

Please allow an extra 20-30 mins for consultation during your first session.

Treatment includes a full back massage. Other areas that need treatment will be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation.

If appropriate, essential oils can be added to the massage oil for added benefits.

What CBD massage oils do I use?

In my CBD massages I use a locally grown and produced CBD infused massage oil. There are MANY companies producing oils and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice. I like to keep things simple and support companies I truly resonate with and believe in, therefore, in my treatments you will receive massage using Hempen Organic Double Infused Coconut Oil and localised treatment with Sisters of the Valley CBD salve if appropriate.


Hempen is a local company based in the south of England.

“Hempen is a workers co-operative and we grow our hemp on organic certified farmland in an Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty in Oxfordshire. Having full control over the end-to-end processes we can guarantee unparalleled quality of our products and confirm that they are fully licensed and produced from 100% certified organic UK Hemp, Non-GMO, free of pesticides, heavy metals and synthetic cannabinoids.” 

Hempen’s Double Infused Coconut Oil is a high strength CBD infusion that gives approximately 550mg of CBD per 110ml of coconut oil. I use around 20ml of oil per massage. As this is infused oil with no added essential oils, I can also add essential oils if this would be beneficial to your treatment.

A great vegan alternative to the Sisters of the Valley salve which contains beeswax, this CBD oil delivers a high potency of CBD. I can use the oil straight from the jar for those that want a higher strength CBD massage, however, I can also dilute it down for those that would like to try a milder strength oil.

I am not affiliated with Hempen but admire what they are doing and want to support what they do in any way I can. Please check out their website for organic, UK grown hemp and CBD products.

Sisters of the Valley CBD salve comes from the Central Valley in California.

Sisters of the Valley products are made in sync with the moon and in reverence for Mother Earth. The nun’s bless the plants and nurture them while they grow. Harvesting is done with the utmost respect for the plant and the healing properties held within. Sisters of the Valley grow medical strains of cannabis that are high in CBD.

The blessings are carried within the organic products and many report great success in reducing pain and inflammation when using this unique blend. The salve also contains coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil, lavender oil and calendula which is a well known herb for reducing inflammation and encouraging healing. Sisters of the Valley salve is great for smaller areas and for using at home.

The salve offers approximately 400mg of CBD per 120ml of oil. I use up to 10 ml of oil for topical applications to smaller areas.

I am affiliated with the Sisters of the Valley and can offer you a £5 discount code on any purchase you make from the UK website. Just click the link below and use the code CAT518 to receive your discount. This code can be used more than once and by anyone who has it. It can only be used once per order.

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