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I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with menstrual and hormonal related problems. Diagnosed in my 20’s with PMDD, SAD, depression and anxiety, I have always experienced life differently to others.

Now in my 40’s, I’m learning to live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Complex PTSD. The work I offer is a collection of modalities that have been a constant support throughout my life.

By bringing together what I have learned through my personal practice and healing, and my professional training. I now offer my skills to others who may be suffering.

My journey has taken me through almost all that conventional medicine can offer. I’ve explored many unconventional, alternative and spiritual paths of healing and have been faced with many difficult decisions regarding medications and treatments. 

I’ve found that doing more of what I love and deepening my connection to a spiritual realm has helped me significantly on my healing path. I’ve created a life in which I can give myself the time I need to look after my health needs and be self employed.

Art, gardening, meditation, mindfulness and spirituality have all supported me over the years, along with therapeutic treatments and talking therapies. I am always exploring options for my own healing, which in turn sometimes becomes something I then offer others.

My healing journey is ongoing and every new revelation plays a part in understanding myself deeper.  When I am not working as a therapist, I delve into my art. It has always been a way for me to work through my pain, my thoughts and feelings. I enjoy working with colour and symmetry, along with drawing, mural and furniture painting.

I have worked with mandalas for around 20 years as part of my art and spiritual practice. Mandalas also bring me closer to my Indian ancestors and allow me to feel a connection to family.



I became an Aromatherapist over 20 years ago
just after the birth of my first child.
I worked as a mobile therapist for a couple of years until the demands of motherhood and ill health began to consume life. Over the years I’ve continued to use Aromatherapy and Massage to help myself, my family and friends, and have continued to explore and study different modalities including Reiki, Tarot, Astrology and Menstrual Awareness.

Professional Training

Helen McGuninness, Holistic Training Centre, Southampton.
IIHHT Body Massage Certificate. (1999)
VTCT Body Massage Certificate. (1999)
IIHHT Diploma in Aromatherapy. (2000)
VTCT Aromatherapy Body Massage. (2000)
HTC Aromatherapy Diploma. (2000)

Harrisons Health Care, Southampton.
Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1. (2000)
Traditional Usui Reiki Level 2. (2001)

Spirit Seeker with Steve Hounsome, Winchester.
Certificate in Tarot Therapy. (2001)

Ace Centre, Weeke, Winchester.
PTLLS Certificate – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. (2012)

The Arvigo Institute LLC. Louise Crockart, London.
Arvigo® Therapy Level 1 Training – Self Care. (2017)

The Arvigo Institute LLC.  1 week residential training in Surrey.
Arvigo® Therapy Professional Practitioner Training – Abdominal, womb, sacral massage. (2017)
Arvigo® Therapy Certification/Advanced Training – Abdominal, womb, sacral massage. (2018)

Gateway Workshops, Yeovil – Esther Manning
Pregnancy/Side Lying Massage Training (2018)

Closing The Bones Workshop, Bristol  – Sophie Messager, sophiemessager.com
Closing The Bones Training (2019)

The Bach Centre,  Oxon 
Level 1 Bach Flower Remedies Training with Patricia Campbell-Parker (2019)
Level 2 Bach Flower Remedies Training with Angela Davies (2019)


I’ve been a healer since I was a child. By my teens I was massaging my family and using aromatherapy and oils. Knowing I had ‘healing hands’ I trained in Reiki as a way to structure and delve deeper into energy healing. People often comment on how hot my hands get during a treatment. I’m blessed to be in a position to offer my services to those who may need it.
I like to incorporate scent and sound into my sessions if appropriate and enjoy playing my drum and other meditative instruments.

Experience & Personal Training

Eastleigh College, Eastleigh.
10 week Meditation skills course. (2000)

David Rowan, davidrowan.co.uk, 6 months online study.
Dynamics of Astrology (2013)

Shamanka – Traditional School of Woman’s Shamanism, Dorset.
The Way of the Shamanka weekend. (2014)

Volunteer, Mind Wellbeing Centre, Winchester.
Women’s group organiser. (2015)
Reiki and Massage Practitioner. (2015)
Meditation Teacher. (2015)

The Shamanic Way, Weymouth.
1-1 year long Shamanic skills, Munay Ki Rites and personal development course. (2016)

Annu Tara, annutara.co.uk.
Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner. (2016)

The Arvigo Institute LLC.
Assistant teacher at Arvigo Self Care weekend in Surrey with Hilary Lewin (May & Sept 2018)
Assistant teacher at Arvigo Professional Training 4 day course in Somerset with Louise Crockart (July 2019)

Vivienne Campbell, theherbalhub.com.
Learn With The Seasons: Herbal Medicine-Making & Wild Food Foraging online course. (2020)
Herbal Extract-Making for Aromatherapists (2022)

Tarot & Astrology


I’ve been interested in Tarot and Astrology since I was 11 years old. I got my first set of cards aged 13 and have spent my life consulting the cards for myself and others. 

Astrology has always fascinated me and I have a good understanding of the basics. Over the years I have completed beginner’s training and lots of self study. I hope to expand on what I know in 2022 and 2023 with some professional training.

Munay Ki Rites

I received the 9 Munay Ki rites in 2016 and would love to share them with others.

The rites are given to enhance your spiritual awareness and connection to ancestors, guides and other cosmic beings. Often described as ‘upgrades’ to the energy system, taking the Munay Ki rites can connect you with energies within and outside of you. You can take the rites separately or in sets of 3 and I’m happy to work with small groups.

“The Rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon and were brought to the West by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, distilled from his work as a medical anthropologist with the high shamans of Perú.” quoted from http://munay-ki.org/

The essence of ancient sacred rituals (not the rituals themselves) were given as tools to those outside of those cultures who would like to join together in love for the good of the future of the world.

I found the Munay Ki rites to be very gentle and profound. I spent a year working closely with fire to support the rites and am happy to share my fire with those who want to feed their power bands and connect with others.



My Healing Tools

Shamanic Drum

Coming Soon

Sound Nest Drum

Coming Soon

Singing Bowls & Bells

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Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Fire Ceremonies

Coming Soon


My art practice is essential to my wellbeing. I enjoy working in many mediums and surfaces.

From small A6 drawings to large wall murals, I enjoy taking on all kinds of creative challenges. I love painting furniture, upcycling and creating unique and one off items to decorate a beautiful home.

Mandalas have been a big part of my art for over 20 years now and have led me to run workshops and teach others about thier creation and benefits.

I work with found materials when making art in nature, and have run workshops with primary school children up to adult, introducing the Mandala and how it can be used in art.

As a proud person of Indian origin, my Anglo-Indian roots bring colour and pattern into my work. My art is a spiritual healing practice to me and connects me deeply to my Indian ancestors, especially when working with the Mandala.

I also love to create teaching tools that are both beautiful and useful. My Menstrual Cycle Energy Poster has been on sale for over 10 years now and I hope to work on more art tools for healing and education.

My Lineage

My Lineage

I use modern massage techniques combined with ancient knowledge and traditional bodywork techniques performed by the indigenous healers of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. The techniques were developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo and Don Elijio Panti as a way to bring this...

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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon

The Aries new moon is upon us.   On Friday 1st April at 7.24am we have a new moon at 11.31 Aries. Not only that, the Sun is also at 11.31 degrees of Aries. The yin and the yang, the day and the night, these opposing energies are conjunct and together in union at...

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Don Elijio Panti

Don Elijio Panti

Don Elijio Panti 1893-1996In 1893, Don Elijio was born in San Andreas, Petén, Guatemala to Gertrudes Cooh and Nicanor Panti. His father Nicanor was said to be a practitioner of black magic. Nicanor fled the Petén to British Honduras with his family after murdering...

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