Aries New Moon

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The Aries new moon is upon us.


On Friday 1st April at 7.24am we have a new moon at 11.31 Aries. Not only that, the Sun is also at 11.31 degrees of Aries. The yin and the yang, the day and the night, these opposing energies are conjunct and together in union at this new moon. This will particularly affect people born with personal planets in Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn between 8 and 16 degrees.
Aries is the first Cardinal sign of a new astrological year, and although the sun has already moved into Aries, it’s not until the Aries New Moon that we’ll really begin to see and feel that shift from watery Pisces to firey Aries. Aries energy is young, lively, impulsive and fresh. It has an initiating energy, a firestarter energy. We begin to wake up after the visiting the watery depth of Pisces (we had a LOT of planets in Pisces last month) and we start to look at the coming year and where we’re heading. Aries is the I AM of the zodiac and asks us to look at ourselves. Where is our individuality, our passion and courage?
We may be considering what we’ve learned, what we’ve had to leave behind and what that means for the future. We are effectively, in the dark at a new moon, we can’t see the details of our journey, but we know it will unfurl in time. There’s a sense of reset at the new moon, there’s an energy of determination and drive to move forward, but we don’t yet have a clear vision of what that will look like yet. This coming month asks us to be a bit selfish, to consider ourselves, to be our own leader and make things happen. Keep doing what feels most meaningful to you, even if you don’t quite know where it’s heading.
Don’t commit to things, but explore  instead. What do you want to envision? What seeds do you want to plant?

This new moon calls us to be active and physical. It asks us to lead, to develop ideas, to be the entrepreneur. Set intentions and if you do happen to have something ready to launch, the new moon is the time to do it. It’s a good time for fire’s and candle magic.

What is needed during this cycle –
Simply: action, and autonomy. This is a new moon made for tackling tasks on your own, in your own way. Aries is the sign of self and individuality, so while we’re not absolved from trying to get along with others this month, this is also not the right time to forge alliances or attempt collaborations.
April Elliott Kent - Working with the Moon Ebook

This new moon energy doesn’t just last for the next month, it lasts within a 2.5 year cycle of Aries moons.

The First Quarter moon of this 2.5 year cycle is on Dec 29th 2022. Then the Full Moon on Sept 29th 2023, ending with the Last Quarter moon on June 28th 2024. These may be times when important things happen towards the goals or intentions you set at this new moon.
Set intentions at this new moon, intentions that bring into focus our assertiveness, our self-knowledge and belief, initiative, courage and the I AM energy that resonates with Aries.

It IS a time to be a bit selfish and do your own thing your way. It’s the start of a new 2.5 year Aries lunar cycle, so put your best foot forward and MOVE, ACT, and put yourself first in order to develop and create your new future.

The week following, new moon to first quarter, will see the moon move through:
31st March 10.30am – 2nd April 17.50pm
2nd April 17.50pm – 5th April 04.03am
5th April 04.03am – 7th April 16.30pm
7th April 16.30pm – 10th April 04.59am

Where are the other planets?

Mercury, Venus and Mars make up the personal planets along with the Sun and the Moon. These change sign regularly. The outer Planets move more slowly so their influences are with us for much longer, therefore their explanations deserve more than a few key words. Links are provided to get you started with extra info.
Mercury in Aries until 10th April
Communication – quick decisions, impulsiveness, pioneering ideas, spontaneous speech, bold communication, assertiveness.
Venus in Aquarius until the 5th April
Relationships – unconventionality , independence, experimental, freedom of expression, needing own terms, friendships, fairness.
Mars in Aquarius until 14th April
Personal Energy – dynamic, erratic energy levels, a bit hit and miss, likes the unconventional, can be a bit detached, non directed anger, team player.
The Sabian Symbol for Aries 12, is: (from )
A Flock Of Wild Geese.
Take your cue from the wild geese. When they fly in formation, they take turns in leading the way; when one gets tired or sick, another takes the lead. Spread your wings and seek freedom, taking note of ‘seasonal’ variations around you. Just remember to be mindful of your responsibilities to both yourself and others. Be a part of the group by contributing and promoting the joys of togetherness while keeping a sense of independence. Geese are known for forming lifelong partnerships, so marriage or partnership may indeed be a consideration in this situation.
Aquarian ideals of brotherhood. Attunement to planetary rhythms. Spirit liberated from matter. Focused group activity and support. Choreography. Flying in the slipstream.
Following the leader without knowing where you are going. Never knowing where to land, or where to ground your self. Taking off on wild goose chases.
I bring you this astro weather report with the help of the Working with the Moon EBook by April Elliott Kent. Go to to sign up to her excellent mailing list where you’ll be able to download it and read it in full for yourself each month. I also sourced info from
Images from Pixabay except Fire photo and Aries image by Cat Manasa.

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