My first love…

From making plant potions and petal perfumes in the garden as a child, to Aromatherapist and Mother. I have used essential oils, massage, and the healing properties of plants to keep my family healthy for over 18 years.

Working with the spirit of each oil, connecting to each plant and honouring their medicine, I can select oils that will complement and support your treatment.

Whether you are having an Arvigo® Therapy session, or a traditional relaxing Aromatherapy massage, I can create a personalised blend of oils just for you.

Your blend may be relaxing or energising, comforting or stimulating. I’ll choose a suitable nourishing base oil of sweet almond, grapeseed or coconut and add essential oils that will support the needs of your body and mind.

Using essential oils, I can take your treatment to another level!

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils have been found to contain many properties that can be beneficial to the body. Some oils are pain relieving and anti inflammatory, some are anti-depressant, anti-bacterial or anti-spasmodic. Some warming, some cooling. Each oil has it’s own unique character and set of healing properties.

Through my own knowledge, experience and intuition, I am drawn to certain oils when I begin working with someone. It’s always good to mention if you have been drawn to any certain plants, flowers, herbs or spices. Sometimes our body knows what it needs and draws our attention to it. It’s like our body is calling out to that plant spirit, or the plant spirit is trying to connect with us to bring us relief or healing. What flowers have you been drawn to recently? Love that new rose scented hand cream? maybe it’s time for a meeting with Rose.

They are highly anti-oxidant, and get to work removing free radicals at a cellular level as soon as they are applied. Free radicals cause cell damage which appears as may things ranging from ageing and wrinkles to cancer and heart disease.

The properties of the oils are absorbed through the skin during the massage. The oils can continue to work their magic for 24 hours, so it’s important to continue to look after yourself during that time.

It is common after a treatment to experience a ‘healing crisis’. A healing crisis is often described as things getting worse before they get better. You may get a temporary worsening of symptoms before you see symptoms ease. You may feel tired, groggy or get a headache. These are all symptoms of the body clearing out toxins and it is recommended to drink plenty of water and urinate often, eat fresh healthy foods and get plenty of rest and sleep.

If symptoms persist, please contact me for advice.

Essential oils contain the pure concentrated essence of the plant.

They are a potent, liquid form of the plant’s spirit and healing energies.

Cat Hawkins


Body AND mind

Along with promoting healing in the body, essential oils also work on on the emotional and spiritual level.

When we are experiencing pain or discomfort, we will often experience some kind of mental or emotional distress. It might be depression, hopelessness, frustration or even hatred for our own bodies.

Aromatherapy can help lift the spirits and lighten the mood. Working with the oil and the plant as guide, we can find ways to combat depression and destructive thoughts. Using pleasant aromas we can soothe the body and mind and build positive connections to new fragrances.

Our sense of smell is very powerful. It is in fact 10,000 times more powerful than our sense of taste. We have olfactory sensors in the roof of the nasal cavity. These sensors can be activated by just a few molcules of scent in the air. Once stimulated, the sensors transmit impulses directly into the brain. This pathway is a direct connection to limbic system. The limbic system is comprised of different structures that all play a major role in controlling mood, memory, behaviour and emotion.

Smells subtley enhance our lives. Without smell our food and drink would taste bland. It is smell that connects us to out nearest and dearest and smell that helps us find new love (think pheremones). Our sense of smell also protect us from danger (can I smell gas? burning?) and things that are potentially poisonous to the body (does this smell off to you?) Smell can trigger LOVE IT or HATE IT reactions in people as it releases responses from deep within. How often do you hear people saying they hate the smell of hospitals? the link of the smell and the place come together in us to create a feeling and opinion beased on memory.

I enjoy working with the plants and see them, not only as powerful medicines, but as spirit allies and guides. I look deeper, at the spiritual flavour of each oil, and offer a different way of understanding the oils, aromas, herbs and plants.

If you’re looking for something to support you through difficult times, times that challenge you spiritually and mentally, then Aromatherapy could help.

Aromatherapy and Massage

Please allow an extra 15-20 mins for consultation during your first session.
All treatments include a full back massage. Other areas that need treatment will be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation.

£50 – 45 min Aromatherapy Massage with personalised oil blend

£75 – 60 min Aromatherapy Massage with personalised oil blend

£20 – 30 min Personalised 30 ml Body/Bath oil (includes consultation)

The type of massage you have depends on your preferences and needs. I offer a very relaxing and soothing lymphatic massage for those that require a more gentle touch, along with a medium to firm traditional Swedish massage that can release knots and ease aching muscles.

What next?

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