About Me

I am a woman who has spent a lifetime dealing with menstrual and hormonal related problems.

Now in my 40’s, I’ve completely transformed my life. By bringing together what I have learned  through my personal practice and healing, I’d now like to offer my skills to others who may be suffering. My journey has taken me through almost all that conventional medicine can offer. I’ve explored many unconventional, alternative and spiritual paths of healing. I have been faced with many difficult decisions regarding medications and treatments, I have experience of sharing my life with counsellors and psychiatrists and living with a chronic illness.

I became an Aromatherapist 18 years ago just after the birth of my first child.

I worked as a mobile therapist for a couple of years until the demands of motherhood and ill health began to consume life. Over the years I’ve continued to use Aromatherapy and Massage to help myself, my family and friends, and have continued to explore and study different modalities including Reiki, Tarot, Astrology and Menstrual Awareness.

My own process of healing really began around 7 years ago when I discovered ‘spiritual menstruation’ or ‘menstrual awareness’.

I had hit a wall with conventional medicine and surgery was all that was on offer. Deciding to go medication free and change my lifestyle helped to give me my life back and come to terms with many aspects of my past. Learning the powers and secrets held within the menstrual cycle literally saved my life. Now my children are older, I find a deep desire to work with others and share what I have learned.

Following my passions, doing what makes me feel fulfilled and deepening my connection to a spiritual realm have all led to my healing.

Art, meditation, mindfulness and spirituality have all supported me over the years, along with therapeutic treatments and talking therapies. My healing journey is ongoing and every new revelation is another piece of the puzzle. I strive for a life without dis-ease and I hope I can help you strive for the same.

I began offering Massage and Aromatherapy again in 2016, and after having the most profound and amazingly healing Maya abdominal massage (Arvigo® treatment) in October 2016, I decided to train to become an Arvigo® Practitioner. I saw changes and deep shifts within myself following that massage and realised that while I had done lots of work on my mind, I hadn’t done enough to connect with my body and give it the attention it needed. Arvigo® therapy has put me back in touch with my body, and I feel it has offered me a whole new level of healing. With the tools and techniques I’ve learned, I can now offer this wonderful therapy to others.

As an Artist-Healer, I not only look at your body and where imbalances may lie, but at your lifestyle, your work, desires and dreams.

I see patterns and cycles and can help you recognise your own power and strengths. Using abdominal massage to shift and unlock energy that may be stuck, I can suggest ways to move through pain, depression and cyclical problems and hold space for you to do so. I also offer a range of spiritual, shamanic and creative techniques that can support you through your healing.

Please get in touch for more information or if you’d like to book a session with me.


With Love,

Cat Manasa Hawkins

My working hours are Mon-Fri 9.30-4pm and occasional Saturdays for those who can’t make a weekday appointment.
Once we have made contact via email, I’d be happy to call you to discuss your situation.

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