Abdominal Therapy

Abdominal therapy brings together modern massage and ancient Maya knowledge of the body, mind and spirit. I’ve trained in the techniques based on Rosita Arvigo’s teachings (through the original The Arvigo® Insitute) and am now a member of the ATC, Abdominal Therapy Collective.

Stimulating the circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area, abdominal therapy supports the body to achieve optimal functioning of the systems within the body. It’s a therapy that can be applied throughout every stage of a woman, man or child’s life.

The treatment focuses on the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and sacral area, which in turn works over many of the body’s essential organs. Abdominal massage is a way of gently manipulating these organs to encourage better ‘flow’ within them. These are often referred to as the FIVE FLOWS.

Abdominal Therapy

Improves circulation within the abdomen

Relieves tension internal organs

Supports menstrual, fertility issues and digestion

Can aid better sleep and relaxation

Eases general stress and anxiety

Improves mood and wellbeing

Regular follow ups and email support included

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The nature of the treatment means it’s a real whole body experience. With improved ‘flow’ to all these major organs, the whole body begins to perform better.

Many of my clients come to me when all other doors have been closed to them, or, they’ve heard of this ‘womb massage thing’ that helps fertility and menstrual and digestive problems.

Some are tired of their chronic symptoms and want to experience something different, some are drawn to the knowledge of the gut-brain connection and want to feel for themselves the benefits of abdominal massage.

I have clients that choose abdominal therapy for fertility or menstrual problems, some have IBS or pelvic pain. Some are experiencing depression, lethargy and fatigue. Almost all of them feel like they they are out of touch with their own bodies and would like to learn how to get in touch, how to listen, and how to know themselves on a deeper level.

The Five Flows

Get N.A.V.E.L gazing and contemplate how much goes on in your belly. The five flows are essential for helping the body achieve homeostasis and good hemodynamics.

Homeostasis refers to the balance of systems within the body and hemodynamics is the healthy circulation of blood and oxygen delivery. Optimum functioning of the five flows encourages good health within the body and mind.

When you massage your belly, you are massaging over multiple major organs. If they are relaxed and flowing more efficiently, you feel better!

Nervous System – The flow that carries electrical and chemical signals to each organ, cell, muscle and ligament.

Arterial Circulation – The flow of healthy blood, nutrients and hormones around the body. 

Venous Circulation – The flow of the removal of  CO2 and waste products.


Energy Flow – Chu’lel, the flow of vital life force energy that flows through our body. Also known as Chi or Qi. 

Lymphatic System – The flow that defends our bodies from bacteria and viruses.

The Treatment

A full consultation is needed before any treatment can take place.

This can be in-person or over video call and takes about an hour. The consultation call is just as important as the physical treatment itself. It’s a way to understand your healt story, what you’ve gone through, and how I can best help you. It’s like taking a snapshot of your health & any other relevant information, and looking at it all more closely.

Massage is an effective way to encourage circulation, relieve tension and promote self healing in the body. Abdominal therapy works over everything from the diaphragm to the pubic bone and improves the five flows to the lungs, heart, intestines, stomach, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, reproductive organs, bladder and colon.

Your treatment includes abdominal, back and sacral massage along with some traditional folk techniques.

You’ll learn the self care massage during your consultation session and be given written instructions. If learning online please be prepared to stand up during the teaching, you’ll need to be able to see your device. The massage can be taught over clothing so there is no need to get your belly out on camera!

When we meet in person for your treatment, you’ll need to undress to your underwear (including removing your bra). You will have privacy and towels to cover yourself at all times.

You’ll have a choice of plain oil, a herbal oil or an essential oil blend.

The treatment starts with you lying on your back, where I perform the abdominal massage and other techniques to encourage circulation and the movement of lymph. I will then ask you to turn onto your front where I will give you a relaxing back massage and work more extensively over your sacral area.

You’ll experience other techniques that shake and jiggle the body during your treatment. All are performed to give a whole body treatment that can have a deeply beneficial effect on the whole system.

After your treatment you’ll be given time to come back to reality before you leave and meet the outside world. I’ll follow up your treatment with an email and a further video call session can be booked for a more detailed catch up if needed.


Abdominal therapy is suitable for most people, men, women and children, however there are some health conditions that are contra-indicated. You can find more info about contra-indications in the FAQ’s.

Timing your session


Please consider the following if you menstruate


Know the date of your last period


Avoid treatment while menstruating


Optimum timing for treatment is days 7-10


First day of bleeding is Day 1 of cycle


Start tracking your cycle using an app or diary

Your Abdominal Massage (YAM)

You’ll learn how to perform YAM, a self care abdominal massage routine during your first abdominal therapy session. I’ll teach you the moves during our consultation (online or in person) and you’ll receive an instruction booklet and visual guide.

If you’d rather just learn the massage and not come for treatment, that’s also possible. Book in for an online training session. A great option if you live too far away from an abdominal therapist.

By learning and practicing your abdominal massage as often as you can, you will in turn begin to learn more and more about your body. It will allow you to tune in and listen to what your body is telling you, and how to best care for yourself when your own needs increase.

With regular massage we support the five flows inside the body, and this helps to stabilise and maintain our own internal microbiome.


 Takes just 10 mins a day!
The ultimate self care practice
Supports abdominal health
Relaxing and nurturing
Improves your relationship with your body

Abdominal Therapy Treatment Options

Online Massage Tuition


If getting to me in person is difficult, I offer online sessions so you can learn the massage techniques for your own use at home. Your session will include:

2-2.5 hour online session • Consultation and exploration of your own needs • Brief anatomy lesson and explanation of self massage treatment • Self massage tuition • Guided massage routine • Massage booklet • Follow up video call. Subsequent online refresher/advice sessions £60 (60 mins).

Booking Process

1 - Get in touch!

Take a look at the F.A.Q’s below for more info about the treatment and possible contraindications. If you have any serious health conditions and are on regular prescribed medication, I may need to seek advice and approval from your doctor or specialist before any treatment can go ahead.

Contact me via email, contact form or Facebook to book an appointment or discovery call. Let’s have a chat about your current situation and needs. I’m happy to meet you over the phone, via video call or email.

2 - Consultation

We’ll have an extensive consultation prior to treatment. This can be done via video call if it’s more convenient. I’ll post or email you a ‘Your Health Story’ form for you print and fill out. During your consultation, I’ll ask questions and we’ll discuss your needs. Time spent talking and getting to know you allows me to have a broader overview of your situation and needs.

I’ll teach you how to perform your own abdominal massage. You’ll be given written guidelines to the massage routine and a visual aid along with any notes or recommendations that may be helpful to you.

3 - Practice YAM

If you choose an online consultation or teaching. Give YAM (Your Abdominal Massage) a go straight after the call while it’s fresh in your mind.

Get in touch with yourself (literally!) and start building that relationship with your belly and body. If you’re not sure, just do what feels natural, and always go clockwise around the abdomen. You can’t go wrong. Remember, it isn’t supposed to hurt.

Make a note of any challenges or resistance that comes up and bring them to your next session or follow up call. I’m always happy to answer any questions via email or my Facebook page.

4 - In-Person Treatment

Your treatment will take place in my home practice located in Kings Worthy, Winchester.

We’ll go through your consultation form and I’ll teach you YAM. You’ll receive an abdominal therapy treatment and we’ll go through the YAM techniques.

If you’ve chosen to have a full treatment, your massage will include abdomen, back and sacral area. A herbal oil or bespoke aromatherapy blend is included in your treatment.

5 - Follow up call

We’ll have a follow up email, video or phone call a week or so after treatment to see how you’re getting on and to answer any questions that may have come up. You can of course, contact me by email at any time to discuss your treatment or aftercare.

6 - Re book!

Treatments are always more effective if had regularly. If you enjoyed your session, get another one booked in the diary!

7 - Practice YAM regularly

Practice Your Abdominal Massage. Practice Your Abdominal Massage. Practice Your Abdominal Massage. Practice Your Abdominal Massage. Practice Your Abdominal Massage. Practice Your Abdominal Massage. (I’m channelling my inner Rosita with this advice).

If you really want to feel the benefits of your treatment and YAM then you must do it as often as you can. Once a day is fabulous. Every other day is good. Once a week is okay. Once a month is still better than never at all. I’m always happy to schedule a catch up call to run through the routine again if you need extra help.


I offer a limited amount of ‘Pay What You Can’ treatments to people on a low income. I am also open to barter and exchange ideas. Please contact me if you feel you’d like to explore these options. I don’t like to turn anyone away, so please contact me if you feel I could help you.

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Happy Clients



“I was suffering extreme chronic pain and fatigue and Cat said this treatment would be therapeutic. I couldn’t equate with how an abdominal massage would help my whole body, but was very keen to try”

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“I had my first treatment with Cat last week and it was *amazing*… I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but Cat held the space perfectly and I felt safe, heard and held throughout. It was an empowering, connecting and relaxing experience”

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“I would not hesitate to recommend Cat to anybody. She is professional, friendly, intuitive and very knowledgeable. With many years experience behind her she continues to research, learn and add skills in order to help her clients. Absolutely the best”

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“I am not a man lightly to bestow praise upon anyone or anything… But today, a session of aromatherapy massage plus a little Arvigo from Cat, has made me feel better than I can remember”

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“I had the most amazing Arvigo Therapy it really helped with my IBS and constipation and meant that I could go away on a walking holiday without the pain I had been suffering for 2 months. Cat has incredible warmth”

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“I had read about Arvigo (abdominal) massage so was delighted to find a practitioner in my area. Cat could not have been more helpful. She took time before my appointment to answer questions and understand exactly what I was looking for and she tailored my experience perfectly to that.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abdominal Therapy
Can anyone have abdominal massage?


Abdominal massage is beneficial for men, women and children. It’s good for bellies and everyone has one of those. It supports and nourishes the digestive system, the reproductive system and supports good health and wellbeing.

There are a few reasons (contraindications) why abdominal massage may not be suitable for you, however, in most cases the treatment I offer can be adapted to your needs.

What are the contraindications?

There are not many conditions that are completely contraindicated, in almost all cases, the treatment can be adapted to suit your needs.

Treatment is not recommended in the following conditions:

First trimester of pregnancy, cancer and chemotherapy, acute infections in the abdomen or pelvis, acute illness, fever or flu, abdominal anurysm. 6 weeks after vaginal birth (3 months after C birth).

Adapted treatments can be given in the following situations:

If you have a coil (IUD) fitted. 5 days prior to menses, diastisis recti, 6-8 weeks post surgery, hernia and hernia repair, pelvic floor/prolapse surgery.

What should I know before I book?

If you menstruate, it is best to avoid treatments right before your period or when actively bleeding. Similarly, this is when you would avoid massaging over the womb in your own home practice.

It’s helpful if you know the date of your last period when you make your booking so we can avoid period dates. If your period is irregular we can rearrange if a period shows up unexpectedly, or simply adapt the treatment.

The very best time for treatment (especially if using it for fertility) is between days 7-10 of your cycle. The first day of your cycle is day 1 of your cycle. It can help to use an app or diary to keep track of your period and symptoms.

Children need to be accompanied by an adult (parent/guardian). It’s a good idea if you are bringing your child for treatment to have one yourself and learn the self care massage. That way you can help each other and do your massage together, It’s a lovely way to bond.

MEN! Yes, I am shouting and waving madly. It’s hard to be seen and heard amongst all this period talk, but I am here for you too. You can book in at any time. Maybe consider having some free time after your session and allow yourself some healing time rather than straight back to work.

Everyone will require a full consultation prior to treatment.

Does that mean I have to get my belly out?


There is no other way I can massage your belly. I have seen many bellies, male and female. Your modesty is preserved throughout the session. You will be asked to undress down to your pants and be covered with towels and sarongs during treatment.

Do I have to learn the self care massage?

You will be taught the self massage routine during your consultation call. You don’t HAVE to learn it, but it will support the work I do for you and allow you to treat yourself.

How often should I perfom self massage?

As often as you can! preferably once a day. The massage is simple and repetitive as that’s how we shift years of congestion. Muscles and ligaments that are set in thier ways need gentle encouragement regularly.

The self massage helps our internal organs relax, allowing them to find more optimal positions and unblock any restrictions in flow. Performing abdominal massage regularly can have a profound effect on your whole wellbeing, bringing clarity of mind, a more optimistic outlook and a shifting of old stagnant energy you no longer need.

What after effects can I expect?

If you can rest and relax after your treatment you should.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water and urinate often, eat fresh healthy foods and get plenty of rest and sleep. If you had an aromatherapy blend used during treatment, avoid showering or bathing that day to allow the oils time to absorb fully. 

It is common after a treatment for you to experience a ‘healing crisis’. A temporary worsening of symptoms before you see symptoms ease. You may feel tired, groggy or get a headache. These are all symptoms of the body clearing out toxins. Drink more water and rest.

You may experience strong emotions, a rise or change in energy, more insight or a shift inside yourself. On the whole, treatments tend to leave my clients feeling refreshed and more clear, relaxed and more focused in daily life, however for some it may release emotions that have been locked away.

Massaging over the belly can bring up emotions. You may feel emotional after your treatment, sometimes even during treatment. If you experience deep feelings and emotions it’s a sign that your body and mind are processing, clearing and moving things that have been blocked.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. Rest, sleep, and if you need to talk to someone, seek out a friend, support group, a counsellor or drop me an email. I’m happy to chat with you about your experiences.

If you are concerned about anything after a treatment, please contact me.


What benefits will I experience?

That depends on your symptoms and reasons for coming for treatment.

Most of my clients feel a shift and see changes in symptoms after the first session. The majority of these are positive changes, however we cannot exclude symptoms getting a little worse before they get better. The healing crisis is well known and experienced differently by everyone.

We will identify what your own personal goals are from your sessions and monitor progress. It may be to conceive, to relieve pain or stress, to calm an irritated bowel or to address an irregular menstrual cycle.

One of the most surprising benefits I found from treatments was the clarity of mind. Desicion making was easier, general mood and vibe was clearer and more positive. The gut-brain connection is powerful, and by treating the gut we can improve the health of our brain.

How many sessions will I need?

I have had clients that have seen improvements with just one session and regular self massage.

For longstanding, complicated conditions I would recommend a minimum of 3-6 sessions (one a month). After 6 sessions, if your condition is not responding or improving I would always recommend trying something else. 

For fertility, I have a 1 month and 3 month plan that can help prepare the body for conception and pregnancy. This goes for the men too! For best results I would recommend both prospective parents follow a course of treatments. This consists of regular treatments (at least 3) and suggestions to optimise your fertility.

If you simply enjoy the treatment and wish to have one whenever you fancy, that’s also very much encouraged.

Why is it so expensive?

From the first session, I teach you techniques to massage your own belly. You’ll have this knowledge for life. In my tradition, we believe in wellness and recovery, and the hope that you’ll no longer need sessions from me. You’re paying for your own training, along with an extensive amount of time to talk and share. You also get my expertise and knowledge along with access to the wisdom of my fellow Abdominal Therapy Collective members

When you see a GP or specialist, you may have 15-20 mins with them if you’re lucky. Initially, we’ll spend around 60 mins talking about your story. You’ll receive a full body treatment with a herbal oil or bespoke aromatherapy blend. We’ll spend more time reviewing your self massage and catching up after your treatment in a follow up call. I’ll provide recommendations, advice and be there to answer any questions you may have.

PWYC. I have a Pay What You Can option for those who are in great need and experiencing financial hardship. Please email me for a chat. I’m also open to barter or exchange offers as part or full payment.

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My Lineage

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My Lineage

I use modern massage techniques combined with ancient knowledge and traditional bodywork techniques performed by the indigenous healers of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. The techniques were developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo and Don Elijio Panti as a way to bring this...

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My Lineage

I use modern massage techniques combined with ancient knowledge and traditional bodywork techniques performed by the indigenous healers of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. The techniques were developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo and Don Elijio Panti as a way to bring this...

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