Aromatherapy was my choice of career when I was at school. I spent my work experience in an aromatherapy shop and I knew it was what I wanted to do in the future. From making plant potions and petal perfumes in the garden as a child, to aromatherapist and mother. I have used essential oils and massage to keep my family and friends healthy for over 25 years.

Working with the spirit of each oil, connecting to each plant and honouring their medicine, I can select oils that will complement and support the treatment. Whether you are having an abdominal therapy session, or a traditional relaxing aromatherapy massage, I can create a personalised blend of oils just for you.

Massage is an effective way to encourage circulation, relieve tension and promote self healing in the body.

Aromatherapy brings an extra level to the treatment in the form of a personalised oil blend to suit your needs. The oils continue to absorb and benefit the body and mind for hours after the treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage


Improves circulation within the body

Relieves muscular tension

Can aid better sleep and relaxation

Eases general stress and anxiety

Improves mood and wellbeing

Aromatherapy massage works on the lymphatic system and is generally more soothing and calming than pummelling and kneading. It is a truly luxurious experience that calms the nervous system and relaxes the body and mind.

Your blend may be relaxing or energising, comforting or stimulating. I’ll choose a suitable nourishing base oil and add appropriate essential oils that will support the needs of your body and mind.

Your treatment will consist of gentle massage (deeper where needed) and lymphatic techniques. The pace is slow, calming and the pressure is light to moderate. It’s an exceptionally soothing treatment that can help to relieve day to day stress.

I’ll use some of your personal blend during your treatment and give the rest to you to take home. You can use the remaining oil in the bath or as a massage oil for self massage.

Bespoke Blending

Massage Oils | Bath Oils | Rollerballs | Anointing Oils | Spiritual Blends

I can provide bespoke and personalised oils for use at home. Safely blended and tailored to your needs.
Blends that have been created by an aromatherapist will be at a therapeutic dilution that makes them more potent than anything you can buy ready mixed from a shop.

I’m also happy to blend to your specifications if you have something specific in mind. If you know what oils you’d like in your blend, let me know. Providing I have them in stock I can make a safe blend for you to use at home. Schedule an Online Aromatherapy Consultation with me and we can discuss your needs.

Aromatherapy Treatment Options

Booking Process

Get in touch!

Check out my FAQ’s.

If you have any serious health conditions and are on regular prescribed medication, I may need to seek advice and approval from your doctor or specialist before any massage or aromatherapy can go ahead.

Contact me via email, contact form or Facebook page to book or to arrange a call.


All initial treatments require a consultation where we’ll discuss your needs, any health conditions you may have and medications you may be taking. Your first session will take a little longer because of this. Repeat treatments will require updates and review of your health and wellbeing. I will make notes and keep a record of our sessions and blends used.

All your details and notes are kept confidential in line with General Data Processing Regulations (GDPR).

In-Person Treatment

Your treatment will take place in my home practice located in Kings Worthy, Winchester. If you’d like to know more details about your visit, please click here. A bespoke aromatherapy blend is included in your treatment.

Follow up call

If appropriate, we’ll have a follow up video or phone call a week or so after treatment to see how your a getting on and to answer any questions that may have come up. You can of course, contact me by email at any time to discuss your treatment or aftercare.

Re book!

Treatments are always more effective if had regularly. If you enjoyed your session, get another one booked in the diary!



I offer a limited amount of ‘Pay What You Can’ treatments to people on a low income. I am also open to barter and exchange ideas. Please contact me if you feel you’d like to explore these options. I don’t like to turn anyone away, so please contact me if you feel I could help you.

Respecting the Plants

Essential oils aren’t technically oils at all. They are concentrated hydrophobic liquids that contain volatile chemical compounds from plants. They are highly aromatic and lipophilic (oil loving). It takes a HUGE amount of the plant material to make a bottle of essential oil. This comes with a cost to the environment and our precious planet in the form of farming, processing and distribution. All bottles of essential oils should be treated with respect and used sparingly and we should always remember that no oil or plant is guaranteed anymore. Oils are extracted using various methods such as steam distillation, solvent extraction, expression and CO2 extraction.

Examples of how much plant material is used to create a bottle of essential oils is as follows –

15ml of peppermint oil requires 3lbs (1.36kg) of peppermint leaves and stalks
15ml of lavender oil requires 8lbs (3.62kg) of lavender leaves and flowers
15ml of rose oil requires 313lbs (141.9kg) of rose petals

It’s so important to remember how precious and powerful each tiny bottle of essential oil is, and how much has been given to create it. Essential refers to the oil containing the essence of the plant. I see that as spirit too. Each compound extracted can have beneficial healing properties to the human body and each plant has a different set of compounds, like DNA.
More info on the plant material needed for each oil can be found here.

Happy Clients



“I had the most amazing Arvigo Therapy it really helped with my IBS and constipation and meant that I could go away on a walking holiday without the pain I had been suffering for 2 months. Cat has incredible warmth”

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“I had read about Arvigo (abdominal) massage so was delighted to find a practitioner in my area. Cat could not have been more helpful. She took time before my appointment to answer questions and understand exactly what I was looking for and she tailored my experience perfectly to that.”

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“I was suffering extreme chronic pain and fatigue and Cat said this treatment would be therapeutic. I couldn’t equate with how an abdominal massage would help my whole body, but was very keen to try”

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“I had my first treatment with Cat last week and it was *amazing*… I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but Cat held the space perfectly and I felt safe, heard and held throughout. It was an empowering, connecting and relaxing experience”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Consultation

The consultation call can be just as important as the physical treatment itself. It’s a way to understand you, what you need, and how I can help you. It’s like taking a snapshot of your health & any other relevant information, and looking at it all more closely.

A Back Massage session requires you to fill out a couple of forms. One on your general health and any conditions you may have, and another about essential oils.

A Deeper Healing session requires an online consultation that lasts around an hour. This allows me to go deeper into your health needs. This is a great option if you want to address a certain problem using aromatherapy.

Once you’ve had an online consultation and intial treatment, you can choose to re-book for further Deeper Healing sessions or Back Massage Sessions.

There are a few reasons (contraindications) why aromatherapy massage may not be suitable for you, however, in most cases the treatment I offer can be adapted to your needs. In some cases I may require permission from your doctor to treat you.

Contraindications to Aromatherapy

There are not many conditions that are completely contraindicated, in almost all cases, the treatment can be adapted to suit your needs.

Treatment is not recommended in the following situations:

First trimester of pregnancy, acute infections or illness, skin infections, fever or flu.

I need to know if you’re taking prescription medications regularly, the dosage and what they are. This is to keep you safe. Being on medication doesn’t rule out aromatherapy but it will change how strong the oil blend is and what oils I choose.

If you use aromatherapy at home, shop bought, home made or from another aromatherapist, please let me know.

What should I know before I book?

You can prepare for your massage by showering before you come, avoiding heavy meals, wearing comfortable clothing and scheduling a bit more time after your session for yourself. If you feel the cold, you may want to bring a pair of warm socks to wear during your session.

I will have a blend made up ready for you to save time. When you arrive we’ll go straight to my therapy room upstairs. Please wear a mask until you are on the massage table. I will leave the room while you undress to underwear (bra included) and get yourself onto the massage table. If I’m only treating your back, feel free to wear comfy, soft joggers or leggings which can you leave on during treatment. I will call and knock before I re-enter the room. Your privacy will be maintained at all times before, during and after treatment.

Your massage treatment will last no longer that 1 hour in line with current Covid guidelines for close-contact services (Feb 2022).

What after effects can I expect?

If you can rest and relax after your treatment you should.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water and urinate often, eat fresh healthy foods and get plenty of rest and sleep. Avoid showering or bathing that day to allow the oils time to absorb fully.

It is common after a treatment for you to experience a ‘healing crisis’. A temporary worsening of symptoms before you see symptoms ease. You may feel tired, groggy or get a headache. These are all symptoms of the body clearing out toxins. Drink more water and rest.

You may experience strong emotions, a rise or change in energy, more insight or a shift inside yourself. On the whole, treatments tend to leave my clients feeling refreshed and more clear, relaxed and more focused in daily life, however for some it may release emotions that have been locked away.

You may feel emotional after your treatment, sometimes even during treatment. If you experience deep feelings and emotions it’s a sign that your body and mind are processing, clearing and moving things that have been blocked.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. Rest, sleep, and if you need to talk to someone, seek out a friend, support group, a counsellor or drop me an email. I’m happy to chat with you about your experiences.

If you are concerned about anything after a treatment, please contact me.

What benefits will I experience?

That depends on your symptoms and reasons for coming for treatment.

Most of my clients feel a shift and see changes in symptoms after the first session. The majority of these are positive changes, however we cannot exclude symptoms getting a little worse before they get better. The healing crisis is well known and experienced differently by everyone.

We will identify what your own personal goals are from your sessions and monitor progress. It may be to help ease depression, to relieve pain or stress, to relax tight muscles or to address insomnia, menopause or an irregular menstrual cycle.

Some people feel less tight and restricted in their shoulders and neck, some have more energy and better sleep. Massage is well known to improve general wellbeing, and essential oils can help and enhance those benefits.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients see some improvements after one session. Regular massage however, builds on the one before, allowing for deeper healing.  In an ideal world, having a massage every 4-6 weeks would be the best way to maintain the benefits massage brings and to support your general wellbeing. A short course of treatments can also bring about many benefits and can help address specific issues. Check out my block booking deals if this appeals to you.

If you’re having treatment for specific longstanding, complicated conditions I would recommend a minimum of 3-6 sessions (one a month). After 6 sessions, if your condition is not responding or improving I would always recommend trying something else.

If you simply enjoy the treatment and wish to have one whenever you fancy, that’s also very much encouraged.

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